Customer-oriented Quality Control

Our stock is continuously monitored using integrated control procedures. We strongly believe a periodic reevaluation of our suppliers is the first guarantee for a quality product. More important, the overall quality of our service is constantly monitored and improved by a highly effective quality assurance system. All these efforts to improve internal quality have proved to be successful. FBF was one of the first Belgian stockholders, offering a comprehensive range of Piping Components, to receive the international standard ISO 9002. FBF achieved this certification in 1992 and has continued its efforts in this area ever since.We strongly believe Quality means company culture, it requires involvement of our whole organization.

In-house testing facilities

We perform all mechanical and chemical tests according to the applicable standards such as: mechanical tensile tests, hardness and impact tests, product analysis, PMI, UT, HIC or any other customer requirement. We provide the certification you require (3.1, 3.2). On demand we provide extended technical support such as strength calculations and dimensional drawings.

Quality Control

Destructive testing: Tensile, charpy impact and hardness tests.
Non destructive testing: Dye penetrant, MPI, US tests.
Mettalurgical testing: Micro-and Macro graphic tests.
Other testing: Chemical analysis, corrosion, spectrometer.